Anyone for PIMM’S ?

Our PIMM’S bike looks fabulous parked either indoors or outdoors and most importantly serves refreshing PIMM’S – the perfect reception drink.

We can set the PIMM’S bike up anywhere you wish and our uniformed servers will quench the thirst of guests in the correct manner by serving PIMM’S mixed with lemonade, orange, cucumber, mint and strawberries.

Our PIMM’s Bike can be hired in one of two ways,

1) Full PIMM’S Bike Package, includes;

  • Hire of the PIMM’S bike and all accessories.
  • Fully trained assistant for 2 hours to serve your guests.
  • PIMM’S served in jugs for upto 100 guests.
  • Supply of drinking glasses.

2) Dry Hire PIMM’S Bike Only;

  • Hire of the PIMM’s bike, parasol and bunting only.

Note: This option works well if your wedding or party venue would prefer to supply the drinks, glassware and their own server. The PIMM’S Bike is simply hired as a serving platform.