Bookings are very simple;

  1. Either contact us directly or complete a booking request form letting us know what Props, items or service you’d like, the date(s) you require them and where you’d like them to be delivered to and collected from. [Please indicate the venue or address you’re using as once the booking is secured we may need to contact your venue to arrange physical access, delivery times, installation details or any other special requirements.]
  2. We check availability on our database and if all is okay we’ll send you an estimated price. Please note we have a minimum spend of £100.
  3. If there are no further changes or additions to make to your booking then we’ll ask you to accept the estimate.
  4. An invoice is then raised and emailed to you with the total amount due. At this point we’ll ask you to pay a deposit. Payment of your deposit is important. We’re unable to secure any items unless the deposit or total amount has been paid. If your booking is less than 4 weeks away then we’ll request full payment. Payment can be made securely by Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal.
  5. Your items are now secured and booked in our Calendar. Yay!
  6. One month before your event we’ll send an email asking you to pay any remaining balance. In some cases a refundable damage deposit is requested; but only on very large or expensive items greater than £600. We may also at this point contact you, your venue or your event organiser again to clarify details about your booking.
  7. Once full payment is received, we again confirm the date and details by email along with a receipt for your payment.

That’s it!

On the day of your booking you can trust us to deliver, setup and perform any other services we’ve said we’ll do according to your instructions.

Returning Your Items

Unless we’ve agreed for you to return the items yourself; we collect all props and booked items from your venue or address on the agreed collection date and time.

Assuming there’s been no loss or damage to our props – then that’s it! Thank you.

If we previously asked for a damage deposit on large or expensive items then this is returned within 3 business days.

Terms & Conditions

Full terms & conditions can be viewed here.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy and how we use customer data can be viewed here.